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Great Opportunity

Dear brothers and sisters,
We are a digital company Chathamkulam Technologies India Pvt Ltd who had their own designed and developed digital platform and standard operating procedures in project management names as chathamkulam digital platform for project management consultancy services(CDPPMC) through brand name CeeTee Builders.
Ceetee Builders is a unit of chathamkulam technologies India pvt ltd through which the customers can build their dream independent villas at customers dream lactation, at the customers floor plan and elevation, at best of its quality, at the best lowest cost through companies digitally transparent platform and truthful way.

  • Digital Platform
  • Low Investment
  • Transparent Business

How Does it Works?

Looking from the point of view of the customers, the customers will be getting their dream customised villa built as a branded villa in high standard, high quality, and with high value, in a lower cost of 10-20% depending up on the specification as every purchase and all are doing directly by the customer through our digital system (CDPPMC), similarly likewise uber ola alibaba.com in various other segments.

Looking from the point of franchisee considering Indian demand of housing the interested franchisee must have a investment capacity to invest around 5L and an option to make 40L even more per Annam and more over a professionally operated decent business for his next generation to come in their locality itself.

We also have option to deal with house plots and direct development of villas and flats which is a safer and more profitable according to the financial capacity of the franchisee.

So people who are interested to run franchisee, in very transparent and truthful way for a reasonable business can apply for franchisee.

For more details, call  9400596883.

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